The Multitudous nature of us

We are a kind and considerate company. We work in a very challenging sector. However, it is very good for the soul.

We intend that 50% of the proceeds of any sale of a mug or pen go to Kirby Cane Charities.

We then intend that all profit after overheads and direct costs of the remaining 50% go to Kirby Cane Charities.

What we need to do is sell a job lot of mugs and pens. At the moment there is only one picture. I am hoping that we can expand to create more pictures, possibly with a personalised message type of effect.

One might wonder why not go to the people that supply Multitudex Ltd directly to get their mug or pen. Well, if you did your money might go further, however, the good works of Kirby Cane Charities would not go as far. We also send love and respect with all purchases.

Until our online shop is ready please consider emailing with your order. Or leave a message on our answerphone / 01508 518802.

Please see a picture of the mugs and pens below. When I have some time set aside I am going to check Joe Lenton’s blog on using the bathtub to make good product shots. And I shall post the before and after…

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